Below are a number of testimonials that come from Students to Head Teachers, Managers & Directors of Education.

This will give you an overview and real examples, which will help you choose your course pathway.

Student Address for Student Achievement Awards:

2016 - Folaumahina (Paul) Talbot

2015 - Gizzelle Powell

2014 - Dolores Andrews

Previous OTEN Student messages:

2016 Award Ceremony

Accounting - Mark Williams
Accounting - Janelle Sinclair
Building Design - Aaron Gosden
Business Administration - Helen Buckley
Business Services - Christine Ghobrial
Children Services - Katie Black
Community Services - Suzanne Dainer
Community Services - Dennis Mageropoulos
Community Services - Vickie McGrouther
Dental Assisting - Jessica Axiak
Hearing Aid - Ashleigh Lynch
Information Technology - Neil Cole
Property Services (Agency)- Reeanna Cox
Tourism - Kittikul Musa
Youth Work - Garry Hallam
Outstanding Youth Achievement Award - Taylah Bridge
Aboroginal Achievement Award - Folaumahina (Paul) Talbot - Dental Assisting
Multicultural Achievement Award - Agul Deng - Education Support

2015 Award Ceremony

Audiometry - Nicole Keith
Business Administration - Alison Phillips
Business Administration - Blake Nolan
Children's Services - Tessa-Lee Steen
Community Services - Bi Yun Huang
Dental Assisting - Stephanie Nakic
Electrotechnology - Ewen Penberthy-Groves
English for Speakers of Other Languages - Ferdows Bastanfar
Horticulture - Sharon Pearson
Maritime Operations - Daniel Marsden
Meat Processing 2014 Award - Tracy Devlin
Property Services (Operations) - Eva Krizakova
Property Services (Real Estate) - Lorraine Wortes
Sterilisation Services - Rosauro Ocampo
Tourism and Hospitality - Dawn Johnson
Tourism - Meg Yates

Message from OTEN Staff:

Message from Directors of Education & Managers:

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