Below are a number of testimonials that come from Students to Head Teachers, Managers & Directors of Education.

This will give you an overview and real examples, which will help you choose your course pathway.

TAFE Digital Student Awards 2017 with Anthony Minichiello

Student Address for Student Achievement Awards:

2017 - Cassandra Malone

2015 - Gizzelle Powell

2016 - Folaumahina (Paul) Talbot

Previous TAFE Digital Student messages:

2017 Award Ceremony

Accounting - Amy Lai
Accounting - Christopher Fellas
Building Design - Beatriz Wright
Business Administration - Andrew Fairweather
Business Administration - Sau Yeung Lam
Business Administration - Tammy Gustave
Business Administration - Thevakiy Peter
Business Services - Shannon Coffey
Community Services - Dieu Phuong Dinh
Community Services - Hernan Guarnascheli
Community Services - Sanjay Patel
Community Services - Shamani Manickam
Dental Assisting - Kayci Sullivan
English for Speakers of Other Languages - Na Li
Information Technology - Hollie Heino
Maritime Operations - Acura Junior Niuqila
Maritime Operations - Vernon Chilly
Property Services - Dong Li
Tourism and Hospitality - Milly Boland
Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Achievement Award - Jai French
Most Outstanding Student and Educational Engagement through Social Media Achievement Award - Cassandra Malone
Multicultural Achievement Award - Darshan Singh
TVET Achievement Award - Cynthia Lautaru

2016 Award Ceremony

Accounting - Mark Williams
Accounting - Janelle Sinclair
Building Design - Aaron Gosden
Business Administration - Helen Buckley
Business Services - Christine Ghobrial
Children Services - Katie Black
Community Services - Suzanne Dainer
Community Services - Dennis Mageropoulos
Community Services - Vickie McGrouther
Dental Assisting - Jessica Axiak
Hearing Aid - Ashleigh Lynch
Information Technology - Neil Cole
Property Services (Agency)- Reeanna Cox
Tourism - Kittikul Musa
Youth Work - Garry Hallam
Outstanding Youth Achievement Award - Taylah Bridge
Aboroginal Achievement Award - Folaumahina (Paul) Talbot - Dental Assisting
Multicultural Achievement Award - Agul Deng - Education Support

2015 Award Ceremony

Audiometry - Nicole Keith
Business Administration - Alison Phillips
Business Administration - Blake Nolan
Children's Services - Tessa-Lee Steen
Community Services - Bi Yun Huang
Dental Assisting - Stephanie Nakic
Electrotechnology - Ewen Penberthy-Groves
English for Speakers of Other Languages - Ferdows Bastanfar
Horticulture - Sharon Pearson
Maritime Operations - Daniel Marsden
Meat Processing 2014 Award - Tracy Devlin
Property Services (Operations) - Eva Krizakova
Property Services (Real Estate) - Lorraine Wortes
Sterilisation Services - Rosauro Ocampo
Tourism and Hospitality - Dawn Johnson
Tourism - Meg Yates

Message from OTEN Staff:

Message from Directors of Education & Managers:

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